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Healthier Green Eco Cleaning

Our professional-strength Green Eco formula is the safer choice for Carpet and Upholstery cleaning. Deodorizing as it deep-cleans, it removes heavy traffic marks and tough stains such as grease, coffee, wine, chocolate, blood and lipstick.

Our Certified technician can also apply a special protection agent that helps maintain the stain resistance already found in most carpets, rugs and upholstery. The clean rinsing formula has no added color making it safe for even the lightest of Sofa and carpet. It can be used to spot clean or in extractor hot water like carpet cleaning machine.

Our professional Cleaning service is actually an incredibly economy. Modern up-to-date equipment use together with green high quality cleaning agents. Our Green Cleaning process is 100% Eco- Freindly, done by high-pressure steam with no dangerous chemicals.

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What Our Customer Have To Say.

Customer satisfaction is a high priority and our ultimate goal. See what Our clients have to say about a variety of services that we provide.

“Really happy about my clean carpet! they got stains out I thought would never come out!”

Dina M.

“Prompt service, very professional, excellence quality! Strong recommend this service!”

Magda B.

“Amazing job! Cleaned the interior of my truck and a filthy rental apartment. Both came out like new.”

Chris B.

Green Carpet Cleaning

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